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Welcome to Mining Matters Arizona, a coalition dedicated to highlighting the pivotal role of Arizona’s mining industry in shaping our state's future.


Our coalition champions the benefits of developing America’s domestic mineral supply, and advocating for the expansion of mining in Arizona to foster economic growth, high-wage job creation, and to bolster prosperity throughout the state.


As the demand for essential minerals continues to rise, our mission is to inform and educate Arizonans about the critical importance of responsible mining practices in meeting these needs while simultaneously advancing Arizona's socio-economic landscape.


Join us in recognizing, and supporting the indispensable value of Arizona’s mining industry and its contribution to Arizona's thriving economy.

Developing Arizona's Future Through Responsible Mining

Share Your Support

for Copper World

Join us in rallying behind Hudbay Minerals' Copper World project—a pivotal initiative poised to revolutionize Arizona's economic landscape while safeguarding the environment and advancing green energy technology.


As supporters of responsible mining, we urge you to share your support with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality by using the form provided to submit a letter and support Hudbay receiving their permits to begin operations.


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